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Colby Woodland gardens The Ultimate Guide

Published on: 25th June, 2021

in this episode i walk around the meadow with head gardener Steve whitehead

colby woodland gardens

Colby Woodland Garden | National Trust

Steve Whitehead of Colby woodland Garden gives us an overview

We don’t fight nature, we work with it. Wildlife needs long grass, piles of vegetation, leaves and the like. It’s about learning to enjoy the unexpected and encouraging flora and fauna to call Colby home.

Helping nature

We want to keep it that way, so our team of gardeners and volunteers are always hard at work making sure they remain in tip top condition.

We allow the grass in the meadow to grow tall, only cutting it when the flowers have set seed. This means that it's rich in wild flowers and butterflies., and you might also discover field mice, voles, frogs and toads.

Across the site you'll often notice piles of logs and some trees left where they fall. Again, this is purposeful to encourage wildlife and act as a habitat for insects and spiders.

- Steve Whitehead, Head Gardener


2020 Gift Aid Admission (Standard Admission prices in brackets)

Adult: £10.20 (£9.26)

Child: £5.10 (£ 4.63)

Family: £24.80 (£22.54)

THE WILDFLOWER MEADOW is great for little explorers with its meandering streams and habitat-rich ponds, while the woodland trails lined with seasonal blooms offer a serene setting to leave your footprints.

Tea room.

Run by penny and Sam. Mother and daughter team

And book shop

It’s also great for history. The tea-room is actually located in a group of whitewashed barns where, once upon a time, the Colby estate workers lived, cooked and slept.

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